School Finally Releases Response Why They Fired Teacher For Taking Time Off For Brain Surgery

As a manager or a supervisor, one would think that a little compassion would be needed to get the job done correctly and work one on one with employees. One of the traits that a boss should have is the ability to cater to their employee’s individual strengths and weaknesses. They should also be available to listen and show compassion when an employee has a personal issue that affects their job.


When Indiana teacher, 32-year-old, Amanda Anderson, discovered that she had a brain tumor after going to the doctor for severe headaches, she was told that she would have to have surgery. She immediately contacted her employer, Child Adult Resource Services, to inform them that she would be out for the surgery that was scheduled for three days later.

“My supervisor told me that I would need to talk to her director in the corporate office because she didn’t think I’d been there long enough and she’d have her call me,” said Amanda, who had been employed at the school for less than a year. “Five minutes later I got a phone call that said my employment had been terminated.”

The school believes that they are right because her employment with them had been so brief and she still didn’t have leave coverage under the Family and Medical Leave Act.

In response to Amanda, the CEO of Child Adult Resource Services, Basil Weinman said that…

“We work with you as much as we can on the amount of benefit time that we have, but we then say we cannot hold that position, you are welcome to reapply once whatever your life crisis is averted,” said Weinman. “It’s after their benefit time has expired. And it’s not termination, it’s just separation of employment. We’re not terminating like somebody has been terminated for poor job performance.”

- Kate Anslinger, American Web Media



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