Scientists Say This Is What Jesus Really Looked Like

If you were asked to describe what Jesus looked like, you'd most likely say that he has fair skin, light-colored eyes and long flowing hair.


It is this 4th century Byzantine Era depiction of the Messiah that has been etched in our minds from a young age.

So what did Jesus really look like?

A group of British forensic anthropologists led by Richard Neave are convinced that they have the answer.

Neave and his team recreated what Jesus looked like by examining Semite skulls from Israeli archeological sites, analyzing Bible texts and historical evidence.

The forensic artist told BBC that he "made a plaster cast of the skull" as a starting point for his reconstruction of the most famous face in history.

The scientists presented their results on the 2001 Discovery Channel/BBC documentary titled Jesus: The Complete Story and it certainly is very different from the figure we're used to seeing.

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