'Six-Pack Mom' Body-Shamed For Posting Pics Of Flat Belly After Baby Birth

Sarah Stage is a fitness blogger who is known as the “six-pack mom” because her stomach is so flat. When she’s expecting, the mom never looks more than a few weeks pregnant because of her fitness regimen.

She first made national attention in 2015 when she was pregnant with her first son and still had an amazing body. Now, Sarah has had her second son Logan and still rocked the same flat stomach.

Critics of the mom starting leaving rude comments on her Instagram page saying her baby wasn’t getting enough room in the womb.

One month after Logan’s birth, Sarah took to her page to upload a photo of her post-baby body. As expected, her stomach is toned and flat. Moms from all over the world flooded Sarah’s comment section saying how unfair it is that she looks “perfect” after only having a baby a month ago.

Thankfully, Sarah isn’t letting the haters get her down and knows she’s taking great care of her newborn.

Keep scrolling to see Sarah’s body after having her baby.

Sarah Stage is best know as the “Six-pack mom” because of how she rocks abs during and after birth.

She recently gave birth to her second son Logan via a c-section.

“We prayed, planned, and wished for a healthy and happy baby boy,” Sarah wrote on Instagram. “We received all we wished for and now our family is complete.”

Even though her baby was healthy, it didn’t stop people from being rude to Sarah online

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