Stuff Your Kids Will Remember About You When They’re Adults

We don’t remember everything that happens to us as kids, but some things really stick with us as we grow up. Some childhood memories, like the way mom reacted to my grandfather dying, are as clear today as when they happened. These are some of the things your kids won’t forget when they’re adults.

  • The experiences you had with them - They won’t remember every toy you gave them for their birthday, but they will remember that time you took them out for ice cream and it was just the two of you.
  • The time you put your device down for them - Your kid can feel it when you give them your undivided attention. So when you’re willing to put down your phone and stop checking Facebook to hear about the little thing they want to share, they can sense they have all of you and they feel how much you love them.
  • Your positive words for them - Telling your little one things like “I’m proud of you,” “You make this family better,” and “You’re a good friend,” boost their self esteem and they’ll remember them.
  • How you handled tough situations - Our kids look to us for guidance and when you’re dealing with a tough time, like loss or illness in the family, your kids will remember how you reacted, the way you spoke to them, and how you made them feel safe.
  • The way you and your partner behave around other adults and each other - Our little ones take cues from us, so if they see us talking about someone behind their back, they think it’s okay to act that way. But if you’re loving and positive with your partner, they learn that from you, too.
  • How you acted under stress or pressure - Life isn’t always stress-free and easy and when you’re about to crack under pressure, your kids can tell. Be aware of how you react and handle yourself, so you can help raise them to handle stress like pros.

Source: PopSugar



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