'Sushi Donuts' Is The Latest Online Food Trend; Cause Why Not?

Love sushi? Love donuts? Then you're REALLY going to love this!

Meet Instagram user sobeautifullyraw, who has brought happiness to the entire world with photos that prove sushi can also be donuts.

Cause why not, right?

Check out all the photos below to see these delicious 'sushi donuts' for yourself! Let's be real... No one asked for sushi donuts but we're so glad these we're brought upon us!

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Rice is at the basis of any type of sushi. Even the word sushi refers to the rice. Literally it means ‘sour tasting’, a reminder of the fact that originally fermented rice was used. Nowadays we use vinegared rice instead.

Before you start cooking the rice, make sure you have sushi rice vinegar  ready. Use the below recipe to make it yourself. Or see how it’s made in the rice cooking video. It’s really easy. Make as much as you want in one go. It practically lasts forever! Alternatively you can of course buy ready made sushi rice vinegar.



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