Teen Gets Ultrasound Results On TV, Doctor Knows Something Is Wrong

Samantha got pregnant at 19 years old after a one-night stand. She also has juvenile type 1 diabetes, so the pregnancy made things even more complicated and troubling.

Her mother turned to Dr. Phil for help, after worrying her grandchild would be born with severe disabilities.

Samantha admitted to Dr. Phil she’d stopped smoking months into her pregnancy and would drink one glass of red wine every now and then. But eating the right foods and checking her insulin levels on a regular basis were also paramount to her and her baby’s health.

Dr. Phil wanted an expert to take a look, so he brought in Dr. Travis Stork of The Doctors during a show taping.



n the video, Dr. Stork reviews the scans in real time — and he says there’s no way to sugarcoat the heartbreaking results.

- Little Things



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