Teen Makes Soldiers A Part Of The Flag They Fight For

Jacob Feazel dreams of becoming an artist, but never thought those dreams would be launched by a high school art project. For a project appropriately due around President's Day, the Bunker Hill, Ind., senior produced an amazing 4-feet by 6-feet (1.2 meters by 1.8 meters) display of the American flag, made from 4,466 toy soldiers glued onto a sturdy piece of wood.


Each soldier is meticulously placed for meaning, not convenience. "When I was putting each Army guy on there, I was thinking about each of these guys. They serve, they are the ones that . . . make this flag what it is. It took me 56 hours just to do this project, but they spend a very large portion of their life so that I can make this project," Feazel said in an American Legion video.Feazel posted a few photos of his flag to his Twitter account, but it wasn't until his mother posted them to her Facebook page that it went viral, eventually gaining worldwide media attention. "It fills me with a bunch of patriotism knowing that this made so many people happy that I did this. Awesome is the best word I can give you on how it makes me feel," Feazel said.Responding to demand, Feazel has begun his own Facebook page just for his art, titled "For love of country and art -- the art of Jacob Feazel."Feazel plans to attend Indiana University Kokomo to study technological art, reports YourNewsLocal.com. He was the runner-up winner of the Cole Porter Scholarship for fine arts students.

- Lia Blanchard, SFGlobe.com



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