The Bling Mac! $12,500 Ring You Could Wear On Your Finger!

McDonald's just had a jewelry designer make a Big Mac RING.  It's made from 18-karat gold . . . it's got a bunch of diamonds, sapphires, and other jewels . . . and it's worth approximately $12,500.

And if you want it, all you have to do is tweet about your love of the Big Mac using the hashtag #BlingMacContest before Valentine's Day.


 For any fast food fans who are on the hunt for the perfect engagement ring this Valentine's Day, look no further because McDonald's has just unveiled an 18K gold rock that is in the shape of its signature burger.The fast-food chain created the 'Bling Mac', a $12,500 ring inspired by its iconic Big Mac burger that comes complete with diamond patties and golden buns with tiny diamonds designed to look like sesame seeds.McDonald's gaudy ring was designed in collaboration with jeweler, Nadine Gohsn, who posted similar burger rings on social media leading up to the 'Big' reveal.   But the best part isn't the ring itself (although that's pretty amazing) but the fact that McDonald's is giving away the ring for free.     To celebrate the three Big Mac sizes (Grand Big Mac, the Big Mac, and the Mac Jr.), McDonald's will be giving the jewelry to one very lucky and devoted customer.  To enter, all fans have to do is just post a single tweet during the entry period with 'only wedding vows professing your love and devotion to the Big Mac sandwich' and tag McDonalds and include the hashtag #BlingMacContest.  The contest starts on February 7 and ends February 14 but the judging won't take place until on or about February 19 and end February 28.      Share this article   Share  All entries will be reviewed by a panel of experts who will judge each tweet based on 'creativity, love and affinity for the Big Mac sandwich and humor (how witty and comedic is the entry is),' according to McDonald's.   The one lucky winner will get to keep the custom-designed Bling Mac Ring appraised at $12,500 plus a check for $4,286 to help with taxes on the prize 'or to use in winner's sole discretion'.    And with the chance to win the 'Bling Mac' on the table, fans have already started to profess their love with tweets to the infamous McDonald's burger. One tweet said: 'For this love I'd fight with drought, I better die of deHydration than from deBigMacation #BlingMacContest.'Another fan decided to go 'big' when it came to declaring their love for the Big Mac in a tweet that said: 'My dearest Mac, I vow to always love, honor and devour you. Holding you above all other burgers. I would never look at another's patties. I will make you as happy as you make my stomach. I will always love you, until death I part.' And then there were the other Twitter users that found to protect the Big Mac from 'whoppers'. 'I vow to protect you from Whoppers as long as we both shall live,' the tweet said. And another tweeted their awe at the simple yet stunning beauty of the Big Mac. The tweet said: 'A Sauce so fine, can't believe my eyes, when I open up that box and see what's inside. Buns so big when I take that bite. Everything about you just feels so right.' And the tweets just kept getting better from their as more people continued to pour their heart out to the beloved Big Ma



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