"This Is Us" Star Got Married, And The Photos Are Adorable

This Is Us currently rules everyone's television schedule. If you're not keeping up with the Pearson family, you probably should start. With 5 Emmy nominations, and one win by Sterling K. Brown, This Is Us has gone from promising new show to must-see television.

One of the things people love most about the show is how relatable all the characters are. There's Rebecca and Jack Pearson, a married couple who were expecting triplets, when one of the babies died during child birth. They adopted another baby, Randall, who was abandoned at the hospital on the same day and raised their kids as "The Big Three." The audience watches as Rebecca and Jack deal with marital struggles, while trying to remind each other why they fell in love.

Randall struggles when he finds his birth father and realizes his adoptive mother purposely denied a relationship between the two. Randall has a family of his own, and he tries to be a perfectionist in all aspects of his life, which begins to wear on him.

Kate continually struggles with her weight and finding a confidence that will let her be her true self. She meets her boyfriend, Toby, who tries to help the best he can. But Kate knows this journey is one she needs to take herself. She also has unresolved issues over her dad's death and her relationship with her mom.

Then, there's Kevin, who on the surface looks like a typical jock. But we soon learn that he is struggling to be taken seriously as an actor and feeling as though he was good enough for his parents. Kevin struggles with finding love, and with accepting his mom's new husband...who happens to be his father's best friend.

Every week, we learn more about the characters, and we fall more in love with the actors, as well.

That's why when something big happens for them in real life, we get just as excited for them as if it was on TV! Recently, one of the stars got married to his long-time girlfriend and the pictures are adorable!

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