Truths About Dermaplaning, Aka Shaving Your Face

You can’t believe everything you hear, especially when it comes to skin care. There are all kinds of gadgets, masks, serums, and tools that promise to give you the “best skin ever” but rarely live up to the hype. But have you ever considered dermaplaning?

It’s the practice of using a 10-gauge scalpel to shave layers of dead skin and dirt from your face, so it’s basically shaving. And while men have been doing it forever, women are still hesitant to shave our faces for better skin, mostly because the concept is misunderstood.

So to set the record straight, Kerry Benjamin, founder of Stacked Skincare and dermaplaning expert, breaks down these myths we need to stop believing about it.

  • Dermaplaning will cause hair to grow back darker - She says this is the biggest untruth out there and assures us that our hair will grow back the exact same color and thickness it was before. “You can’t change the structure of your hair follicle by simply shaving your hair off,” Benjamin explains.
  • Dermaplaning will cause hair to grow back thicker - Because hair grows at a blunt edge, Benjamin says it might feel thicker, but once it’s grown back in, it’ll look and feel exactly like it was before.
  • Dermaplaning is super painful - She says it’s totally pain free and hurts less than waxing, threading, or lasering.
  • Dermaplaning will cause breakouts - Nope, the opposite is actually true. By exfoliating dead skin, dermaplaning will actually help keep skin clear. Products will soak into skin better and absorb quicker and more effectively, speeding up cell turnover and clearing breakouts.
  • You can use a regular razor to dermaplane - A regular razor will shave your face, but without that sharp, single blade on a dermaplaning tool, you won’t get the same amount of dead skin and peach fuzz off, so you won’t get the same glow.

Source: Bustle

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