Valentines Day Ideas That Aren't That Cheesy

Every year Valentines Day comes around and all (well most) of the guys scramble to find good ideas for the holiday. Well, we have some good ones for ya fellas.

For the Homebodies: you could

- Plan a movie marathon of your favorite films as a couple

-Have a spa night where you pamper each other, or order a massage

-Create an at home riddle or scavenger hunt where you hide the present and make riddles or a list of things to get through to get the gift

For the Adventure Seekers- you could

-Have a picnic out at Zilker, or a favorite park of yours.

-Try a new experience like an escape room, or adventure park 

-Book a hotel with a spa or head out and Go camping if you like that

For the culture buffs - you could

-Check out the best theaters and museums and cafe's in your area

- Surprise your sweetie with tickets to a concert you both want to see

And for you foodies - you could

-Plan a Dessert hop of your favorite dessert spots

-Make a scratch meal together, or cook for the one that usually cooks with wine and good tunes

Whatever you do, make a plan to spend quality time together doing whatever it is that makes you both happy!

-With Love



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