Woman Claims She Wants To Marry The Game "Tetris"

Nothing in this world shocks me anymore. With kids cementing their head in a microwave to eating Tide Pods, I'm not shocked that there is now a woman who wants to marry her "Tetris" game. 

Noorul Mahjabeen Hassan from Florida was on a British morning show called "This Morning" talking about her love for the video game "Tetris" and the she wants to make it official. Hassan claims at a young age she noticed she was attracted to electronics like monorails and her ipod. Eventually she graduated to dating her calculator that she named Pierre de Fermat.

Fractal Hassan, 20, plans on marrying the game Tetris after college graduation. "He's just so, so cute and sexy," the college student says. The 20-year-old identifies as objectum sexual, an orientation where an individual feels attracted to objects and places and inanimate things that aren't living. Her love for objects like monorails and iPods started when she was 14. 

She says that she is infatuated with the game Tetris now and "it's no so much the Tetris cartridge I love, it's the game itself. I find him so attractive."

When asked if it was an intimate relationship, without details she said "Yes, very intimate". #MindBlown

I'm still skeptical that this is for real. Honestly though, some of yall are gonna hate on the girl who wants to marry Tetris, but when Valentine's comes around and you're still single. I'm guessing she's not the only one who will be dating electronics!

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