Lions Eat Three Poachers Who Broke Into Nature Reserve To Slaughter Rhinos

Karma caught up with some would be poachers in a big way in South Africa.  At least three poachers, it’s hard to tell now, met a gruesome end after breaking into a wildlife reserve to kill rhinos.  The land’s caretaker heard a commotion and decided not to worry about it earlier this week.  Tuesday, he decided to check things out and found a human head, along with other body parts and limbs and three pairs of empty shoes.  Blood was everywhere and food bags were shredded too.  There were the telltale poacher signs; high powered hunting rifles with silencers, wire cutters and an axe used by poachers to cut off rhino horns.  A pride of lions living on the reserve apparently made the poachers their dinner.  The king of beasts won’t be punished but their area will be checked to see what other remains are found.

Chris & Rosie

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