Woman’s Quirky Tinder Photo Doesn't Seem To Be Helping Her Dating Life, BUT

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Hana Michel opted to use a “real” photo on her Tinder profile.  It’s a photo of her in a shower cap and towel brushing her teeth in the bathroom.  Beneath the pic it says “Who let you in here???”  The clever idea has gotten her a lot of responses, unfortunately, not in the dating sense.

In the background, there is a roll of toilet paper hanging, by many accounts, incorrectly with the paper feeding under the holder.  23 men messaged her to debate it!  Hana decided to take it to Twitter, where over two thousand people retweeted it and more than 13,000 liked it.  800 plus people commented, most telling her she was wrong.

One person even posted a photo of the original toilet paper roll patent which clearly shows the roll dispensing over the holder.  Moms and cat lovers posted the reason to do it under by adding visuals of cats and kids with a pile of TP, unraveled, all over the floor.  The clinical responses said bacteria on the wall can touch the TP if it is fed under.  Good point.

How did it end?  To each his own! 

Check out her tweet below . . . 

Source: Sun

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