If You Can't Sleep, Bacon And Hot Dogs May Be The Problem

If you can’t sleep and you happen to be a bacon lover, it may be your culprit.

We know, someone’s always pointing the finger at bacon for one bad thing or another, but this time hot dogs are naughty too. A study in the journal Molecular Psychiatry says that if you have trouble sleeping, have euphoria or hyperactivity, it may be the nitrates in the food.

Nitrates are used to cure hot dogs and bacon and the more you eat, the more it may affect you. Mania is what they call the condition associated with the sleep problems and they hyper and euphoria symptoms.

The researchers never asked the subjects how much cured meat they ate, so no one is sure how much of the cured food you have to eat for problems to start.

On a depressing note, the World Health Organization already classes salted, cured and fermented meats as a leading cause of cancer.

Source: New York Post

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