The Rat Capital Of The U.S. Is . . . ?

Anyone who’s lived in a big city has probably come across a rat or two, or three, or four, and been totally grossed out.  Well, it turns out some cities have it way worse than others, and a new report has singled out the worst city in the nation for the disgusting rodents.

While Chicago has a lot of wonderful things going for it, it apparently also has a lot of rats, with renthop dubbing the Windy City the “rat capital” of the U.S.  Just last year alone there were 50,963 rat complaints in Chicago, which is an increase of 55.1% from 2014.  It also represents about 1,876.09 complaints per 100,000 residents.  And things aren’t getting any better, with 13,753 rat complaints coming in between January and June of this year.

Coming in second for overall rat complaints is New York, with 19,152, but that translates to only about 222.11 complaints per 100,000 people.

Cities With The Most Overall Rat Complaints

  • Chicago (50,963)
  • New York City (19,152)
  • Washington DC (5,036)
  • Boston (2,488) 

Source: RentHop

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