Woman Comes Home To Find Mountain Lion In Living Room

Last Sunday night in Oregon, Lauren Taylor entered her living room and was met with quite a surprise.

A pair of yellow-brown eyes were staring up at her from behind the couch!  It was a mountain lion.

Apparently, someone had left the back door open, and the curious cat had wandered right in after drinking from a fountain in the yard.  Lauren's housemate noticed the animal first and screamed, causing the lion to hide behind the couch.

Lauren, who has previously worked in wildlife rescue and also practices energy healing, knew they’d have to give the cat a lot of space and remain calm to encourage her to leave safely.  She saw the lion lie down, so she quietly went outside to keep watch through the window.

To her surprise, the lion was fast asleep.

See pictures -- just click thedodo.com

Chris & Rosie

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