Two Kids Wreck Lexus Driving To The Beach

Police in Fluvanna County, Virginia say two local boys wrecked a Lexus after attempting to drive the car to the beach.  The driver was only 10-years-old, and he had a seven-year-old kid in the passenger seat.

How'd they get busted?  An adult driver noticed a Lexus driving “erratically,” deciding to follow the car . . . for 12-miles.  In all, the boys had taken a 37-mile joyride down Interstate 64 in the vehicle, which belonged to their parents.  Ultimately, they crashed the car into the median after backing into the tailing driver.  Officers say no one was hurt in the incident - but there's no word on the punishment doled out by their parent. .

Steve Parrish, who towed the wreck?  He says the kids were actually better than you'd imagine.  “They just tell you they got an accident, you don’t expect something like this,” Steve explains.  He also says that the boys seemed to be safe drivers, adding, "[The trooper said] wouldn’t believe it, they had their seat belt on.  Most people don’t wear their's, but they had their seat belt on'."

Source: WTVR

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