Zoo Paints Donkey To Pass Off As Zebra

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A zoo in Cairo, Egypt has found a new meaning of “earn your stripes,” except it’s more of “paint your stripes” type of situation.  A student visiting the zoo noticed something a little odd about the zebra on display . . . turns out it was actually a donkey, PAINTED as a zebra.

Mahmoud A. Sarhani took some pictures of the odd-looking “zebra” he saw while visiting the zoo, which had strangely long ears and some kind of black smudge all over its face.  He posted the photo on Facebook, which quickly went viral in Egypt.

Local media outlet caught wind of the viral photo and covered the story, resulting in local veterinarians confirming that the animal was, in fact, a donkey with black-and-white stripes painted onto it.  Mohamed Sultan, the director of International Gardens Park, maintained that the strange creature was totally a zebra.

  • The strangest part of this whole thing?  This isn’t the first time a zoo has pulled this trick.  A zoo in Gaza painted two donkeys to replace two deceased donkeys back in 2009.  

Source: The Sun

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