People Are Stealing Arizona Toads To Lick Them

Someone figured out that toads can get you high.

The amphibians are being stolen from a conservation area in Arizona and wildlife officials suspect the thieves are planning to use them to get high.  The Spur Cross Conservation Area posted footage of the thieves stealing the toads late at night.

A wildlife biologist says the toadnappers are likely planning to lick the toads for their next high.  The toads apparently contain a hallucinogen similar to DMT.  Sonoran Desert toads have extremely potent, defensive toxins that are released from several glands in the skin," explains. "Animals that attack the toads are intoxicated through the mouth, nose, or eyes.  Dog owners should be cautious: the toxins are strong enough to kill full grown dogs that pick up or mouth the toads."

In 1994, the first man was arrested for possessing the intoxicating toads. 

Source: ABC 57

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