The Least Used Emoji On Twitter

These days we’re used to seeing more emojis than words on social media, but not all emojis are popular with folks.  In fact, some emojis are so unpopular, you probably didn’t even know they existed. According to a new report, the most popular emoji is "face with tears of joy,” but the least popular is the "input symbol for Latin capital letters.”  Huh?  But that emoji actually only earns the least popular title thanks to a social media campaign to get another unpopular emoji the "aerial tramway" - a cable car symbol – out from the bottom.  When a Twitter account brought its bottom of the barrel status to light, several users went out of their way to use it to rescue it from last place. Other least-used emojis include: non-potable water symbol, input symbol for symbols, passport control and more. 

Most Popular Emojis:

Most popular emojis

Least popular emojis:

Least popular emojis

Source: BBC

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