This Couple Is Getting Married 100 Times In 100 Countries

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Some married couples decide to renew their vows, but travel writer Devin Galaudet and his wife Morgana Rae-Galaudet are taking it to the extreme.  These spouses have a goal of getting married 100 times in 100 different countries and they’re well on their way.

Devin says the idea first started as “a bit of a goof.”  He and his wife were newlyweds and were in Mexico where he was on assignment.  He made a joke about getting married in a church they passed, his wife agreed and their traveling companion happened to be ordained, so she did the honors for their impromptu second wedding.  A few days later, Devin says he knew “this would be something that needed to continue.”

So far, the couple has gotten hitched 20 times in 15 countries.  They were part of a Latin Vagari wedding in San Marino where Devin was knighted at the end, had a ceremony in Turkey in an 800-year-old farmhouse, and a traditional Slovenian wedding at Lake Bled, where he carried his bride up the 100 steps of fortitude to ring the bell of wishes.  The bride and groom have many more to go to reach 100 weddings, but they’re loving every minute of it.

"This has been the smartest thing I have ever done in a relationship," Devin says.  "My wife knows that I love her and this brings loads of peace into our relationship."

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