Elderly Canadian Man Has A Massive Nuke Bunker

One man is very well prepared in the event nuclear weapons are used.

An 83 year old Canadian man has built what is believed to be North America's largest nuclear fallout shelter.  Bruce Beach built the 10,000 square foot bunker to prepare, he says, for the end of the world. His "Ark Two" shelter has more than 50 rooms that are created from 42 buried school buses.  It can hold 500 people.

Bruce started building the shelter in the 80's.  He says that he has expected a nuclear war for years and is surprised it hasn't come yet.  The prepared man was the subject of "Doomsday Preppers" a 2012 Netflix documentary.  In the program he talks about how he has prepared for various scenarios and how he plans on surviving if the world comes to an end.

Source: BBC

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