Oreo Flavor Wins Its Creator Half A Million Dollars

Back in the spring, Oreo announced the top three flavor finalists for their My Oreo Creation contest. Kettle Corn, Piña Colada Thins, and Cherry Cola made the cut and fans were left to vote for the big winner from those three, with the favorite winning $500,000 for the grand prize.

Well, after all the votes were counted, the official fan favorite has been confirmed and it’s Cherry Cola, for the win.  And Eden F., the one who submitted the winning cookie flavor is going to be half a million bucks richer.

She admits Cherry Cola wasn’t her first entry, (that was orange soda) but she says being the winner was the most meaningful to her because it reminded her of happy summers as a kid.  And she says her cookie creation tastes exactly as she imagined it would.

Source: Delish

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