Crickets May Be Great For Health

If your stomach is topsy turvy, crickets may hold the answer.  Yep. Crickets.

A new study says eating crickets can be good for your gut and reduce inflammation that leads to cancer and depression.  Eating bugs is getting more popular because they’re more environmentally friendly.  

Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison had people in the study eat powdered crickets. Those people had increases in an enzyme and bacteria associated with a healthy gut.  They also had lower levels of an inflammatory blood protein that's linked to depression and cancer.

The leader of the study says more people in the U.S. and Europe see eating insects as a sustainable, environmentally friendly protein source, compared to traditional livestock.

The researchers say a lot more studying needs to be done on the subject to get a better idea of the rewards of the unusual diet.  The study is published in the latest edition of the Scientific Reports Journal.

Source: Fox News

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