Elderly Man Rescues Drowning Boy, Saved Kid’s Father 30 Years Earlier

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When an elderly man in China heard a little boy screaming for help while trying to keep his head above water in a river, he got into the water and rescued him.  The eight-year-old kid was taken to the hospital and is doing well thanks to the senior’s help, but it turns out, he owes his life to the 80-year-old man in more ways than one.

The river-rescuing man, surnamed Xu, has done this sort of thing before.  Some 30 years ago, he jumped into the river to save a man, and that man is the father of the eight-year-old boy he recently rescued.  “Now that I’m old,” Xu jokes, “I can’t jump anymore.”

And those aren’t the only rescues Xu is responsible for.  Over the years, he and his wife have saved four other people from drowning in the same river near their home.

Source: Shanghaiist

PHOTO:  Getty Images

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