Coffee Chain Allows Stores To ID Customers Under 16

A London-based coffee shop chain said locations are being given the option of checking customer IDs and refusing caffeine sales to those under 16.

Costa Coffee, Britain's largest coffee chain, confirmed a policy has been put into place to allow individual locations to decide whether to check IDs of young-looking customers to make sure they are at least 16 years old.

"We do not encourage the sale of caffeine to children under 16 and it is at store discretion to question a customer's age if they have any concerns," a chain spokesman told Gloucester Live.

"Our advertising is not directed at children and you must be 16 or above to own a Costa Club Card," the spokesman said.  "Caffeine information is available upon request should a customer wish to know the level of caffeine in their favorite Costa coffee."


PHOTO:  Getty Images

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