Town Ordered Way Too Much Toilet Paper But Finally Needs More

You can never have too much toilet paper. Unless of course you accidentally order a 12-year supply of toilet paper. That's what a small German town did back in 2006. However, they've run out of their last roll and now need more. The toilet roll story started back when a council employee mistakenly ordered two massive truckloads of the paper product. Now the mayor of this small town of around 4,000 people near Munich, says "the last roll has now been used up." So why did it take the town so long to use all the toilet paper?  Part of the reason was because of the condition of the paper itself. Residents complained the gray-colored 1-ply was too flimsy, turned brittle and yellow under exposure to sunlight. Some workers refused outright to use it and opted to bring their own toilet paper from home. Now the city is forced to buy another round of toilet paper only this time at a much higher price than 12 years ago. 

Chris & Rosie

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