Bill Cosby’s Wife Accuses Judge Of Racism

Bill Cosby hasn’t been shy about accusing Judge Steven O’Neill of being bias and “racial hatred.” Now, his wife Camille is the one accusing the Pennsylvania judge.

On Tuesday, Judge O’Neill filed a response defending his decision to let five outside accusers testify in court. He cited “striking similarities” between their accounts of alleged sexual assault by Cosby to the point of suggesting a “signature” pattern.

Camille has since taken to Cosby’s Instagram to fire back, standing by her husband against what she's calling “corruption and bigotry.” Among other things, Camille is accusing the judge of colluding with the media to “turn Bill Cosby into one of the most insidious stereotypes of African American men.” To make her point, she uses a dated slur that was used in post-slavery America.  Check out the post below.


Source: Bill Cosby

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