Half Of Us Use Public Pools As Bathtubs

A new study shows we have a lot to learn about swimming in public pools.

The first thing to know is . . . they aren’t bathtubs! According to the study by the Water Quality and Health Council, 51% of people use pools to clean off after activities like exercise or yard work. Yep, they think they’re doing as good a job getting clean as in a bathtub.

That’s wrong, though. The more dirt and personal care products you enter a pool with, the less the chlorine works. You know the sign at pools that ask you to rinse off before entering? That’s why. Let’s put it bluntly; if you treat the pool like a bathtub and someone pees in it . . . you’re swimming in pee.

Speaking of that, 40% of us admit we’ve peed in a pool. And guess what? Urine breaks down chlorine too, so . . . . eww! Sorry, but it gets grosser, as 24% of Americans would go into a pool within an hour of having a bout of diarrhea.

The bottom line is not to forget proper pool etiquette.

Source:Detroit Free Press

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