How To Get Your Dog To Pose For Instagram Perfect Pictures

If you’ve ever wondered how some of the perfect pet pictures on social media were possible, we’ve got the secrets.

If you want to showcase your pup in outfits or even in a super cute setting there are tricks to make it happen . . . but . . . you should never force Fido into it. Russell Hartstein is a professional dog trainer and that’s his number one rule. He also notes that you should never shine a light in their face.

Here are your secrets to getting good social media shots of your doggie:

  • Have treats handy.
  • Ask a friend to help you.
  • Consider using a leash.
  • Get silly with them.
  • Use peanut butter. Want your pup to kiss your cheek? Dab on the irresistible treat.
  • Get them comfy with the props.
  • Try something unfamiliar to get their attention. A bell, a crinkling water bottle . . . .
  • Keep the location familiar.


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