A Guy Shoots Himself In The Groin Then Drugs Fall Out Of Him During Surgery

You would think that getting shot in the groin would be possibly the worst thing to happen to you. That would normally be the case unless you are 27-year-old Cameron Wilson. He's a convicted felon who's not allowed to own a gun. So instead of going straight to the ER when he managed to shoot himself in the groin, he stopped off at a park to give the gun to a friend. Then, somehow, he was hiding a bag of pot up his rear and seemed to forget about that. Doctors found it when it fell out during his surgery. Police searched his car later on, and also found meth in a pair of bloody jeans. However, it continues to get worse for him.  After a warrant was issued a week later he turned himself in.  When they strip-searched him at the jail, they found another bag of pot that was also inside him. Apparently, he was trying to sneak it into jail. They also tacked on four charges for witness tampering after he called his girlfriend from jail, and tried to get her to cover for him. He's pleading not guilty to all charges and is due in court next month.

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