Now There's Pampers Smart Diapers

Helicopter parenting is about to hit a new level.

Pampers is coming out with a technology alternative to pulling back a baby's diaper to see if it's wet. The company calls its smart diaper Lumi by Pampers. The diaper has a sensor that sends information to a mobile app. Pampers says the sensor also will track the baby's sleeping patterns.

The one thing the diaper won’t do is track pooping. Isn’t that kind of important? The new line comes with a baby monitor and a ten-day supply of diapers. There's no word yet on how much smart diapers will cost.

This is the latest in the “Internet of Things” movement which finds consumers tracking everything from who's ringing their doorbell to what's in their refrigerator and how well you're brushing your teeth.

Naturally, critics are concerned about security and privacy with the smart diaper.


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