Animal Shelter Takes Advantage Of Area 51 Craze

We told you about a Facebook group creating an event that calls for the storming of Area 51. We also told you about hos Bud Light was attempting to profit from all the publicity the event is getting. Now we have another group looking to get in on the Area 51 craze. An animal shelter. 

An Oklahoma animal shelter has jumped on the viral “Storm Area 51” event in an attempt to find forever homes for its rescue dogs, cats, and pigs.

“Come storm our shelter,” OKC Animal Shelter wrote on their Facebook page and it's taken off. It's gained more than 11,000 shares since Friday. “We have great animals ready to protect you from the Area 51 aliens. Adoption isn’t that far out of this world! #stormtheshelter.”

The shelter also shared photos of dogs wearing tinfoil hats and people are flocking to the shelter to adopt these adorable pets. In fact, the Animal Welfare Department is “alien-izing” more adoptable pets in hopes of getting them adopted.


Source: OKC Animal Shelter

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