Parents Share Their Most Traumatic Experiences Traveling With Kids

While most of us love to go on vacation, when kids are involved the excitement level certainly goes down a notch for mom and dad, who have to deal with plenty of travel headaches like tantrums, sickness and more.

Well, some of those parents are now sharing their most traumatic experiences traveling with kids with Buzzfeed, and it’s certainly going to make some people happy that they are still single and childless. 

Traumatic traveling with kids stories include:

  • “We took a flight with my very active two-year-old son who threw a tantrum the ENTIRE flight. It got so bad that the flight attendant asked me to step into the restroom and suggested that I stay in there until he 'calms down.' That was a level of hell I hadn’t quite experienced yet."
  • “We were packing up the hotel room when our five-year-old sneaked out and somehow got into the key-card only elevator. He managed to go down all 21 floors and was fortunately stopped by the concierge as he was about to leave the building."
  • "We were on a road trip when my baby girl had the worst blow-out diaper ever. It stunk up the whole car. It was lunch time, so we stopped at the nearest restaurant, Waffle House. We headed straight to the bathroom where it took both me and my sister to get her cleaned up — and it involved a sink bath."
  • "When I was about three years old the only way to keep me from crying on a long drive was by playing The Wiggles. The only CD we had of them was a little sampler with 3 songs, so my mom had to sit though those same 3 songs on repeat for 13 HOURS! I honestly don't know how she did it."
  • "On a flight to Cuba, my six-month-old threw up all over herself, me, and the entire airplane seat. I had a change of clothes for the baby, but none for me. I arrived in Cuba wearing my husband's hoodie and no bra — and it was mid day in the blistering heat!"
  • "My three-year-old was super cranky on a long car ride, so we were trying to keep her quiet with gummy bears. She proceeded to barf a rainbow all over the back of the car. Yummm." 


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