Moms Swearing By Robo-Bassinet The Snoo

Ask any parent and they’ll likely tell you they’d do anything, and pay anything if their newborn would just let them sleep a few hours, which may be why a lot of parents are investing in a robo-crib that claims to help their baby sleep better through the night.

The so-called miracle item is a $1,300 computerized bassinet called the Snoo, which claims it will help increase a baby’s sleep by one to two hours. When it’s time for bed, parents simply put their baby into a special swaddle sack that clips into the Snoo Smart Sleeper, and then it takes over. 

Not only does the sack make sure the baby is always sleeping on its back, but it will sway the baby and play calming noises to help if tall asleep. If the baby wakes up in the middle of the night the Snoo will start rocking the baby and play white noise to get it back to sleep. If it doesn’t work, then an alarm will wake up Mom and Dad to take over. 

Yes $1,300 is a lot for a bassinet, but apparently a lot of people are willing to pay it. In fact, the company even offers a rental program of $112 a month, and since it’s only recommended for babies one to six months old, there’s a growing used Snoo market with parents willing to snap them up on Craigslist or eBay.

While some folks don’t think it’s worth all that money, the Snoo’s creator, Los Angeles-based, Queens-raised pediatrician Harvey Karp, is pretty confident in his product, calling it “the safest baby bed ever,” and boasting that “by 2 or 3 months [babies] are sleeping seven, eight, nine hours in a row.” And that’s priceless!

Source:New York Post

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