Woman Wears Stolen Dentures When Visiting With Probation Officer

Rule number one when meeting with your parole officer: don't wear stolen anything - even dentures. That rule was apparently lost on an Indiana woman that reportedly showed up to a meeting with her probation officer wearing somebody else’s dentures. According to the Jennings County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page, a woman reported her dentures stolen Monday and said Joann Childers had not only taken the teeth but was also sporting the stolen smile. That same day, a deputy had a meeting with Joann where he noticed she was wearing dentures that were clearly not hers. Later that day, deputies located Joann at her home and spoke to her about the stolen teeth. While there, they reportedly spotted the dentures in question and easily identified them because they had the victim’s name written on them. Joann is facing theft charges, and the dentures have been recovered.

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