Long, Fake Toenails Are Trendy This Summer

Nail trends come and go, from the shape of the nail to interesting new ways to paint and polish them, but this summer there’s one look that we’re not so sure about and this time it’s on the toes. Acrylic nails have been around as long as we can remember to extend fingernail length, but now it seems people are getting these fake nails added to their toes and let’s just say it’s a look.

Some folks who are turned off by extra-long fingernails may not be able to stand glancing down to see a full-set of tips on someone’s toes, but long, fake toenails are a big trend this summer. A quick search on Instagram shows people are actually proudly sporting this style. And while we’re all for a pretty pedicure, let’s hope this trend moves on quickly. Sure, everyone’s entitled to do whatever they like with their bodies and nails, but this is one bandwagon we’re not jumping on.

The upside to the long, fake toenails? The trend can’t last forever because toenails this long will only work with sandals. When summer’s over and everyone’s forced to go back to wearing closed-toe shoes again, those stare-inducing toenails simply won’t fit and we can go back to pretending this never happened.

Chris & Rosie

Chris & Rosie

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