Game Of Dodge Ball Leads To 10-Year-Old Being Charged With Assault

A soon-to-be fifth-grader has just been charged with Aggravated Assault, following a schoolyard game from back in April that went wrong.  Cameishi Lindley says her son Bryce, along with other children, were playing the classic game of dodge ball.  One of the students was apparently smashed in the face with a ball thrown by her son. That student also has a medical condition that makes head injuries especially dangerous. A police report was filed after the incident and it stated that Bryce intentionally threw the ball at the boy's face. The victim's parents say that their son sustained facial tissue damage to his face along with a black eye and a bruised nose. The boy also suffered a concussion according to medical records. Bryce had been suspended one day from school and that's all Cameishi thought would come of the incident. Now she and her son must appear in front of a juvenile court judge to answer the charges.  Cameishi said neither she nor her son knew of the other student's medical condition and feels he shouldn't have been playing a game like that in the first place. She has created a fundraiser to help pay for her son's legal fees, which she says are around $4,000. 

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