Man Finds Two Carat Diamond At State Park

A Nebraska man went home from a recent vacation with quite a souvenir.

Josh Lanik was with his family last week visiting Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas when he scooped up what turned out to be a diamond weighing more than two carats. In a release from the park Josh says, "It was blatantly obvious there was something differing about it. I saw the shine and when I picked it up and rolled it in my hand, I noticed there weren't any sharp edges."

Josh’s family searched for two hours before he found his prize. He plans on holding onto the gem.

The diamond, around the size of a jelly bean, is the largest found in the park so far this year. If you’re so inclined to visit the park, make sure it’s after a heavy rain. You’re more likely to find a large gem on the surface then.


PHOTO: Getty Images

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