Airline Apologizes For Stranding Passengers On Island For Three Days

Of all the places to be stuck at for three days, an island isn't that bad. However, EasyJet has apologized anyway after at least 130 passengers experienced an unwanted extension to their time on the British Channel Island of Jersey after their flight to Newcastle, England, was delayed by three days due to a “technical issue” with an aircraft. On July 30, flight EZY6474 out of the British Channel Island of Jersey was pushed back multiple times due to “technical issues” with the scheduled plane that ultimately required a replacement aircraft to be sent. However, it took the airline a few days to get a new plane to the island. Frustrated passengers took to social media and voiced their displeasure with the airline. Some passengers had run out of their medication while others complained about the lack of communication by the airline. The airline says all passengers were given hotel accommodations, meals, and the choice to transfer to alternate flights for free.

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