Male Basketball Star Banned After Drug Test Revealed He Was PREGNANT

Former Ohio basketball ace DJ Cooper has been banned for two years by basketball's international governing body FIBA for failing a drug test. BUT, it's not for the reasons you might expect.

DJ was looking to join the Bosnian national team as a naturalized player, so he took a routine drug test as part of the process required to formalize his switch. But things didn't go according to plan when his test results showed an unexpected issue. DJ's test did not show any signs of performance-enhancing banned substances, nor did it flag the presence of any recreational drugs. Instead, his test showed a completely different abnormality – it said he was pregnant. Yahoo's report on the incident states that the urine used in the test actually came from DJ's girlfriend, who may not have known she was pregnant at the time of the test. As a result of the test, FIBA suspended him for two years for fraud and he will not be eligible to return to action until June 20, 2020.



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