Missing World War II Submarine Found 80 Years Later

Nearly 80 years after it disappeared beneath the Pacific Ocean, part of a World War Two submarine has been discovered. The USS Grunion's bow has been found 2,700 feet underwater off the coast of Alaska's Aleutian Islands.

The rest of the sub was discovered over a decade ago, but the bow was missing. Searchers recently found that the bow had slipped down a volcanic embankment and settled about a quarter mile away from the main wreckage.

The US commissioned the submarine on April 11th, 1942, and it sank two Japanese patrol boats on its first . . . and only . . . war patrol. On its way back to harbor, the Grunion ran into disaster and was never heard from again – nor were her 70 sailors. The submarine was declared lost on October 5th, 1942. In 2006, the three sons of Lieutenant Commander Mannert Abele, the officer commissioned to the sub, began searching for the ship's remains.

  • To give families, the Navy and researchers a glimpse of the submarine, the Lost 52 just released the 3D images – you can see video of those images below.

Source:Live Science

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