We Can All Relate To This Mom’s Epic Fail

Sometimes it feels like we’re constantly having “one of those days” where everything goes wrong. But other times, we feel like we’re killing it - getting it all done on time, having the kids cooperate, and when that happens we feel like Super Mom. Recently, Mary Katherine Backstrom, of the parenting blog Mom Babble, was having one of those incredible days and was feeling pretty good about it, until she discovered she had forgotten something pretty important.

Mary says her day was going better than most, which left her feeling like a “kick butt mother.” She had managed to bake muffins, pack kids’ lunches, read books to the little ones, and get them off to school on time in “adorable matchy-matchy outfits” that morning and get them to school five minutes early, so she arrived at her doctor appointment a little ahead of schedule.

But that’s when her “bastion of parenting perfection” came crumbling down. As she got out of her minivan to go inside, she felt a slight . . . breeze. The kind you only feel when pantsless and that’s when she looked down to see she was in fact, only wearing a top.

She says that while getting ready, she had tossed her skirt into the dryer to get the wrinkles out - because “who has time for an iron.” But she never got it out and put it on, so she was half naked and heading to the doctor’s office. Mary had no time to go home, but says she was wearing a tunic that was just long enough to cover her nether regions and she had on decent granny panties “with no holes.” She survived the ordeal and lived to share her embarrassment with us, and her Facebook post has gone viral because we can all relate to this mom fail.

Source:The Stir

PHOTO: Getty Images

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