Dog Saved From Fire After Man Tries To Cook French Fries

They say cats are the ones with nine lives. Well, one Houston, Texas dog must be part cat because he was able to survive his owner's cooking skills.  

The pooch had to be rescued early Monday after a man attempting to cook french fries ignited a grease fire and set his apartment ablaze. Seems the guy was adding frozen fries to hot cooking oil in his second-floor Houston apartment when a grease fire "exploded," according to firefighters.

The worst part is, he ended up running out of the apartment and left his pooch behind. Firefighters had to rescue the black dog from the flames.  Doggo is doing "OK," according to officials. 

One unit of the apartment complex was damaged by fire, but other apartments were affected by smoke. There were no injuries to pets or humans. 


Source: Houston Chronical

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