Mom Finds Kid Changed Her Info To “Poop Your Pants” On Work Email

If you use your phone to keep your kid entertained, you’re going to want to hear this one. A mom in Florida just learned a valuable lesson about that tactic so many of us use and shared her experience involving her daughter, Siri, and potty talk on LinkedIn.

Lauren Brown, a senior manager from Maitland, explains that her little girl asked Siri to call her “Poop Your Pants” and of course, she had no idea . . . until she was copied on an email to a client. Lauren’s post includes screenshots of both the email and her altered contact information, so we can clearly see the client got an email with “Poop Your Pants” in the “To:” section.

“Let this be a cautionary tale to all you working parents,” the mom writes. Lauren’s post explains that it took her a minute to see the humor “after the shock wore off!” And she says she even considered “preemptively drafting” her resignation, but that now she can laugh about the crappy mishap.


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