Postal Worker Cooks Steak In His Truck And Goes Viral

It gets hot in the summer months. It gets really hot in Phoenix, Arizona and if you have work outside, it can be a dangerous proposition. That's why a US Postal Service worker filmed himself cooking a steak on the dashboard of his USPS truck. 

The video was meant to demonstrate the insane heat in which some United States Postal Service employees work on a daily basis.  Well, that video went viral and soon local and state politicians saw it and are now calling for an investigation into the working conditions of the Postal workers. 

The Postal worker posted pics of the steak in several stages of the cooking process, with a meat thermometer ultimately rising to 142 degrees Fahrenheit, which is the appropriate temperature for medium-rare. It took two and a half hours to get to that temperature. 

Shawnna Bolick, a member of the Arizona House of Representatives, sent a letter to the president of the American Postal Workers Union demanding that this issue be addressed. 


Source: ABC 15

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