Woman Gets Bit By Poisonous Octopus While Having Photo Snapped

Never put your face too close to an animal. It’s common sense advice we were given as kids, but one woman didn’t get the memo.

A Washington woman is recovering after she was bitten by a venomous octopus while posing for a picture. Jamie Biseglia was part of a fishing derby near the Tacoma Narrows Bridge when she decided to take a picture with it for a photo competition. After being placed on her face, the animal bit her chin, causing the formation of a huge pus pocket.

Jamie said she bled for 30 minutes but did not go to the hospital for two days, until her face became paralyzed and her arm was swollen. She now has to take various pills and antibiotics to deal with the after-effects. While Jamie doesn't recommend putting an unknown animal on your face, she still hopes the ordeal helps her win the $100 prize photo contest.


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