Insect-Only Restaurant Opens In Cape Town

There’s a unique new spot in South Africa to grab some grub . . . literally. “The Insect Experience” is a pop-up joint in Cape Town with an insect-only menu of gourmet delicacies.  The concept is the work of food scientist Leah Bessa and her partners at the South Africa-based company Gourmet Grubb.

Gourmet Grubb's flagship product is an ice cream made from their insect-based dairy alternative called “EntoMilk.” At their new pop-up food experience in Cape Town, diners can munch on intricately-plated dishes made of insects from South African farms, like polenta fries made with mopane worm flour, pasta garnished with mealworms, and more.

If it’s sounding a little too “Survivor” for you, it’s worth noting that there are benefits to chowing down on some grubs. Leah notes that edible insects are very healthy – they’re high in protein, iron, zinc and fiber. Plus, edible insects have potential as a sustainable food source in the future.


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