There’s A Tool To Catch Spiders And Not Harm Them

If you’re the type of person that sees a spider and thinks “blow torch,” this tool may not make you happy.

Aldi is going to be selling a spider catcher that allows you to grab the creature and “re-home” it. The Zero In Spider Catcher, which hits shelves later this week, is only available in the UK for now and goes for about 10 bucks. The handle is over two feet long so you don’t have to be near the creepy thing. The tool has soft bristles so you can pick up the spider and place it outside.

Good news if you don’t want to wait for Aldi to sell it here; Amazon has the My Critter Catcher, which can help you handle bees, beetles, and other creepy crawlies besides spiders, for about $20.


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